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The wonderful friends who sang and performed with us for nine years in the Athens area will always be part of Lyric League in our hearts and minds. Some of you helped to form the first Lyric League in Elberton many years ago. Now we are ready to share the joy, beauty, and friendships forged in the League with folks in Dayton, Ohio.

We plan to have a small ensemble, like the first League, with emphasis on rehearsal rather than performance. We will keep the website active and share new pictures, audio and video with our friends and fans in Georgia. We miss you all so much.

Love, Dell and Hitch

(note: I'll be updating this site regularly. We just wanted to get started with this breaking news.)

    Dell and Nelson Hitchcock, founders of the League, moved         from Athens, GA to Centerville, OH in June of 2014.
    999 Fawn Lea Trail
    Centerville, OH 45459
    April 11, 2015